Company Profile

Company Profile

Medcon Enterprises is a provider of specialist healthcare consultancy, manpower and medical equipment supply, quality improvement, construction and project management services to both private and public healthcare sectors worldwide

Our exceptional record of successful innovation and high quality services testify to the robust effectiveness of our sales and services, sourcing, management and marketing strategies.

Our services extend from function and design briefing, through equipment and IT planning, procurement and management, to implementing transitions, commission and operational management.

Even though our primary focus is on providing quality products, but we also recognize the overriding concern of value. Our experts can also help you identify saving, efficiency gains and cost-effective quality improvements

Due to the decade’s long experience of our team in the Healthcare sector, Medcon Enterprises understands the intricacies of every healthcare environment. We recognize that each project is unique; therefore, we tailor our products and practices to each clients’ unique expectations and circumstance.

With teams of qualified practitioners in all the interdependent disciplines involved, from clinicians, hospital administrators and accountants to engineers, trainers, IT specialists and economists, UMG has vast experience of the practicalities of modern healthcare delivery.

Please explore the website to get a broad overview of our credentials and the range of services we provide.